Breaking Free Documentary Trailer|A Success!

BF artwork streetWe will be posting the full-length documentary in the future.  Thank you for your support!

Thank You to over 600 persons who attended the “Breaking Free from the Life of Prostitution and Sex Trafficking” documentary debut at the Women’s Club in Minneapolis on May 21, 2014.  Vednita Carter, Founder and Executive Director, narrated Breaking Free’s evolution and described the programs that save the lives of women and children from prostitution in Minnesota.  The sensitive stories from survivors solidified the reason why programs like Breaking Free are so very important to survival of those trapped in ‘the life’.  To donate:

Click on the ‘Teaser-Watch on Vimeo’ link to listen to a few short clips from women and how Breaking Free saved their life. 

Teaser ‘Watch on Vimeo’ Link: 

Trailer Link:

Producer|Director:  Terri Kurita, Videon Productions|Pix Mix Studios

Associate Producers: Ken Kurita and Heather Caillier

Camera: Ken Kurita

Editor:  Sue Lawson, ChicagoEdit, Inc.


Marian Alinder Biography|Six Parts

Jane & David Jones, little girl Marian, brother John and ?? (LaBolt)Marian Alinder Biography 2013. Marian’s life is one of amazing endurance.  From humble prairie beginnings, she taught her family how to thrive by learning the value of hard work on a farm in southern Minnesota.  Marian shared her story with Videon Productions|Pix Mix Studios while celebrating her 90th birthday.  Her life story and family values will be archived for generations to come.  Contact Terri to preserve your family stories on film or in family heirloom books.

Part One:  

Part Two:  

Part Three:

Part Four:

Breaking Free 4th Annual Fundraiser

Thank you so much for attending the 4th Annual Breaking Free  Breakfast fundraiser.  Snippets of the event were shown on WCCO and Channel 45.. We rocked the house!  My friend, Heather Caillier, orchestrated the event and is also a grant-writer for non-profit organizations.  Highlight: Sen. Amy Klobuchar will introduce a bill to Congress to allow national adoption of Minnesota’s Safe Harbor Act!  Way to go Minnesota.  

Our film trailer was shown at this event. The documentary will debut in 2014.  I am honored to share the vision of Breaking Free.  

Breaking Free saves the lives of women and children who have been sex-trafficked.  Vednita Carter’s tireless work and programs will be the model for the rest of the country. 

Watch our trailer below.  Your continued support is appreciated. 

2013|A Documentary ‘Preview’

Hello Friends!  In 2013, we began to segue to our new name, Pix Mix Studios, but our mission remains focused on creative storytelling, family history/biography videos, lifestyle videos, memorial videos and online book publishing: preserve the photos + stories languishing on your computer into archival books!

2013 BF Survivor Art

Our current work is a documentary film about an organization called Breaking Free.   Our ‘Preview Video’, recently shown at the Breaking Free 4th Annual Breakfast Fundraiser on November 2 at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota, was attended by over 800 people.  Heather Caillier and her team rocked the house with notable people and speakers: Senator Amy Klobuchar; John Choi, Ramsey County Attorney; Congressman Erik Paulsen; Vednita Carter, Founder and Executive Director; Chief Tom Smith, St. Paul Law Enforcement; and music and testimonies from Survivors. Thank you Vednita Carter, Founder and Executive Director.

Breaking Free ‘Preview’: (Rated For Mature Audiences) “This is a promotional ‘preview’ piece for the upcoming documentary: “Breaking Free from ‘The Life’ of Sex Trafficking and Prostitution”. The full-length documentary will examine the entry into, daily life, and challenges of escaping “the life” of sex-trafficked women and children.”

Click on the link:

March 2014: The Breaking Free documentary will debut at a gallery event in March(TBD) along with photographs from Noah Wolf, Laura Crosby and Jenn Cress Photography; and a customized book of survivor artwork and stories created by Brandow Creative (

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The Dwelling Place Shelter|A Child’s Interview

Domestic Violence – Child Interview from Videon Productions on Vimeo.

Videon Productions strives to tell and promote stories that will make a difference, empower and touch the lives of persons in our community. The Dwelling Place Shelter trusted us to do just that. On October 20, 2012 at their annual gala, The Dwelling Place Shelter showed our video about a 9 year old child’s experience with domestic violence. “Thanks to everyone who attended the 14th Annual Transforming Lives Gala. It was a tremendous success! Christ was at work and lives were touched! We had a record breaking attendance and an 80% increase from last year in both auction proceeds and pledge giving. We couldn’t have done any of this without you!”–Jody Cowdin, Executive Director, The Dwelling Place Shelter, 651-221-0405

Willow Ridge Garden Wedding

Stephanie and Chad married in the gardens of Chad’s childhood home near New Richmond, Wisconsin. Chad’s family created this beautiful setting over many years to become Willow Ridge Gardens. “She’s out of my league when I first saw her” said Chad. Love blossomed when they finally went on a date two months later. The rest is history.